Wednesday, August 8, 2018

What's up Wednesday?

Hello sweet, impatient blog family! I've been living my hectic life for a few months and left this part of it on the back burner for a bit. I'm back though! If you'll let me, i'd love to let you know whats been going on lately!

I'll start off with what's been going on that excites me more than anything. My home! Such a quaint, perfect little slice of this island that is all ours and wonderful. 
Our porches are my favorite place in the world, no furniture, no plants, not a single thing but wood and this place gives me so much peace and sense of accomplishment. 

I have  new found OBSESSION with all things green and plantlike. I am starting all kinds of plants to fill our home with life and oxygen. I have several varieties of succulents, ivy, hydrangeas, a holly bush, and even an orange tree! 


In this picture i', starting a few new species from dropped leaves and they are no doing great! 

Island Girl Makes Vinyl Shop
Monograms, Spice jar labels, all your organization needs, personalizing, and so much more! I love this new business venture, (it's been taking up most of my time on a computer) 

Picture overload, I know. But i'm so excited about it! For inquiries please drop me a message and check out my instagram!

This week i hope to do full posts on both of these parts of my life and go a little more in depth but just wanted to get my foot back in the door. Hope ya'll still want to stick around! 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What's up Wednesday

This past weekend Charlie and I worked on some duck blinds at the Cat. I love hanging out and doing all the fun guy stuff. We bushed the box and boat hide which consists of, me holding pine trees straight up while charlie nails them to the duck bling and then charlie pumping the trees into the ground around the boat hide while i move the boat around in the water.
I love that Charlie likes doe me to do everything with him even stuff his friends would be better at. 

Guy's work is very hard, strenuous, and cold. I love it though and it's so worth it. Duck hunting makes me happy because it makes Charlie so happy. Not too much longer until the season starts!

Thanks for stopping by!

Miss Nikki

Friday, October 30, 2015

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday ya'll! I'm linking up today for Five on Friday with DARCICHRISTINALIZ, and NATASHA. I've been trying to get back on track and get my fitness in check, hopefully losing a few pounds along the way. I want to make this five on Friday a fitness edition. I broke out the FitBit and everything.

Back on track with my FitBit. Any of ya'll who have one should add me and give me some support. Lord knows i'll need it. My email is I'm looking to have some fitbit friends. 

I've really got to start eating cleaner and with Halloween tomorrow it may be kinda hard to not sneak the milk duds out of my siblings trick or treat baskets. I have a problem eating whole foods so i'm trying to base my meals on the chart below I found on pinterest.

I have the 21 day fix app on my phone and i've heard nothing but good things about the program but I just can't get my sugar loving tail in gear to start it. It's only 21 days I mean what in the world is wrong with me. There are so many success stories i've read, they are so inspiring and I would love to have my own success story soon.

 As of today I weigh 177 pounds, i'm not happy about it and I want/need to do something about as especially because in a little less than a year I will be getting married. My goal for now is 150 pounds. Which is pretty high still for some people but 
I feel it is reasonable for me and I know I can succeed. 27 Pounds to go!

This girl is really inspiring and it's great to read, the have some really good tips, some i hope to put into action. Read all about the helpful tips here.


This last one isn't exactly fitness related but more of wellness related. I love love love the lovely little style blog! She is so beautiful and inspirational and I would like to pin point one of her posts that have really touched me. Ever since I became engaged i've been thinking about the life I want us to have together and one thing i'm for sure of, I want God to  be right in the middle of it. We hve been to church together and to bible studies but is He really the center of our relationship? To be honest probably not, I want to try and live by Olivias words in this post. 

Thanks to everyone for stopping by on this lovely Friday. Boo from me and mine and Happy Halloween!

Miss Nikki

Friday, October 16, 2015

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday friends!  I'm linking up today for Five on Friday with DARCICHRISTINALIZ, and NATASHA.

So glad to have Friday upon us! This weekend Charlie and I are planning on spending time with family and just relaxing. We like our weekends that way. This is my first five on friday and i'm so excited! I love to look at and read others and have been reading them for a good little while now. I'm happy to be able to share what's going on on my life will all of y'all.

I've started to narrow my list of decorations for our wedding down to a few looks I really like. I'm really into white pumpkins. They're pretty and almost classic, and there are so many things you can do with them!

I found a great wrap poncho at of all places WALMART! It's great, not too heavy and so nice and cozy. Something even better about this cute fall peice is that it was less than $14! You can find it here. Poncho

Women's Fashion Ruana, Oversized Wrap Poncho

I'd love to wear it belted like this to.

I've been working on Charlie and i's registries and our wedding website and it's finally up but not nearly finished. We still have to take our engagement pictures. Charlie is difficult in this area. He hates having his picture taken. Check out our soon to be finished Wedding Website! The knot has made it so easy for us to set everything up.

I love seeing pumpkins everywhere! For sale everwhere, on peoples porches, on my porch. It's great to see everyone's creativity in how they decorate with this great fall staple. I've been loving these

Since before too long i'll have a brand new monogram i've been thinking about all kinds of things i'd like to do with it, without going all too crazy. 

That's a pretty random list but I think I hit all the bases, Clothes, home, and accessories. 

Thank's for stopping in today, have a safe weekend and Happy Friday!

"And we know that in all tings God works for the good of those who love him"  Romans  8:28

Miss Nikki

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Our engagement

So, as I mentioned yesterday Charlie and I became engaged this July. After being together five and a half years it was about time. Charlie isn't much of a romantic and so his proposal was great to me.  He put a charlie twist on things. Charlie's got a boat my grandpork built and those Arvin skiffs are very dear and special to me, having been around them my whole life. We took a late afternoon boat ride on the river on Charlie's birthday before we had planned on going out for supper to celebrate anyways. All of a sudden the boat just cut off. He told me the boat must've run out of gas and he thought he had enough to get back in. This may've been a bad idea for some other girl but for me it was fine since i've run out of gas for real more than a few times and all I needed to do was call and a family member would come to the rescue. So I asked if I needed to call my Daddy to come tow us back in or bring gas. He said no, not yet. We floated a few minutes, drifting around, when charlie pulls out a little black box from behind the seat. He looked at me inquisitively and asked if I knew what it was. I said no, I really had no idea. He popped it open and inside was a pretty square cut engagement ring. I hopped up from my seat and slid up next to him. I said are you trying to ask me something? He said yeah, do you wanna marry me? I said yes, completely blown away and surprised. I asked him why he proposed to me on his birthday and he said because he wanted to share his day and every other day with me. It may not be the dream proposal some woman dream about, but it's just perfect for me. My whole family had known for a while and i'm very shocked nobody told me, because my younger sisters can talk. 

We haven't taken our engagement pictures yet but as soon as we do i'll be sure to post them.

Miss Nikki

Friday, October 9, 2015

Another Hello

Since I've last talked to ya'll life has been some kind of busy. We were living in a very small camper and I couldn't handle the clutter, ended up moving back to my home town of Manteo, now i've moved back to Washington , living in yet another camper this time much much larger, thank the lord. We are trying to save money to buy me a new car, find a home for Charlie, Maggie, and I to start our lives in and last but certainly not least for our wedding. We got engaged July 20th! I'll have another post up hopefully tomorrow to tell everyone all about that. We are happy, healthy, and enjoying our newly engaged life. I'm glad to have this sweet little blog to be able to tell my stories on. 
Thanks ya'll!

Miss Nikki

Sunday, March 1, 2015


This lovely Sunday afternoon I was busy pinteresting, trying to figure out what to fix for supper this evening. I hadn't planned on blogging about my meal but it was too yummy to pass up. I had only taken a picture once the Stromboli was cooled and cut up, that's why I only have one photo. 

1 package Pillsbury pizza dough
1 bag shredded mozzarella cheese (I used piggly wiggly brand)
1 package pepperoni
2 Italian sausages
1 jar marinara sauce
Italian seasoning to taste

I started by dividing the pizza dough in half. My granny doesn't like Italian sausage so I made one with pepperoni and mushrooms and one with pepperoni and Italian sausage. I bought a package of Italian sausage which contained 5 sausages. I only used two of the five. After rolling out the dough I rubbed olive oil all over the dough, yes I used mt hands. The add as much pepperoni as you see fit, I added one solid layer. After add whatever toppings you desire. It's basically like pizza so just think about what you like on your pizza. The flavors are endless. I crumbled the Italian sausage on once it was drained and I was able to crumble it in my hands. Add cheese last. Roll up so you have a log. After it's rolled up rub more olive oil on top and sprinkle Italian seasoning on top. I also sprinkled some cheese and some mushrooms and pepperoni so I could tell the two logs apart. Coo until it's Golden brown. Let cool before trying to move off a pan or cut into slices. Serve with warm marinara sauce.

It was amazing and so so easy! I hope y'all tryit out for yourselves and enjoy it as much as I did!

Miss Nikki