Monday, February 23, 2015

Hunting season Recap

This hunting season wasn't much for me with moving, and many unplanned adventures. But I did get to go out a few times and soak in some salt air.

 On some beautiful bluebird days. Not much of a hunting day but a perfect chance to spend with my Grandpork and Charlie who, might I add, is absolutely wonderful to my grandpa. I could never ask for a better man. Maggie also loves to be out and about when we come to our little slice of Cat Shoal.

 And on some days which weren't so pretty. This day was super windy and the current was pulling the decoys around. We had to pick up and head home. The tide was up really high so I was sent to the blind because I would've gotten water in my waders and been a right chilly bird. Maggie didn't attend this trip.

Maggie wore my hat around like this because my Grandpork thought she was cold. When we got into the dock she still had it on and ran all around with people looking at her. I'm sure people thought we were nuts but I thought she was cute. She had her nose to the ground and looked like a little detective.

I love this picture. It took a little bribing with some cookies we brought with us. She is sporting her orange so she looks the part of her hunting dog role {she had also just gotten a new collar for Christmas and I didn't want to have it get messed up} . She just loves being out with us no matter where we take her. 

Hunting selfies were a good way to waste time. It was another bluebird day, which in duck hunter lingo means all your gonna shoot would be bluebirds, which you don't want. Ducks like to fly in weather.

My little corner fully stocked. 
My wallet: in case the man wants to check me.
Camelbak: I need to always have my water.
Cookies: Why not? cookies are always a good thing.
Gun: For obvious reasons.

I know I haven't been around for a good little while and I apologize. 

See you soon.

Miss Nikki


  1. Love this! Your pup is adorable in the hat! I love to bird hunt, but have yet to duck hunt. Looks like I'm going to have to find an opportunity to do so! So happy to find your blog :)!

  2. Aww thank you! I'm kinda new to it all but I'm loving it to far. It's nice to find another lady hunter as well! (: