Monday, December 8, 2014

Recent Health Kick

Good morning everyone! Recently I have been on a health kick. I bought a new water bottle in an attempt to drink more water.

I love the colors of it and it is so handy. I got it from TJMaxx and payed $10. Probably a lot for a water bottle. Maggie and I have started back walking together. She loves to get out and she doesn't get as hot since it's cooler weather. It's also fun to see all the Christmas decorations everyone has up instead of just walking by them all.

The leash shown is Lupine brand and has a lifetime warranty on it. Even if Maggie chewed it up all I would have to do is take it back to the vet's office and get a new one. They do all the hard work for me, like mailing it back in to the company. My shoes {you can barely see} are Nike Free's. Love them! They are the most comfortable tennis shoes I have ever owned. At $100 they are kinda pricey but totally worth every penny.

Maggie and I take selfies together first thing in the morning. She loves to cuddle with me, sometimes. Back to the Health kick, For Christmas this year I am asking for a FitBit Flex. A bracelet that tracks how many steps you walk, calories burned, tracks your sleep, silently wakes you with a vibrating alarm, I can set goals for myself and see my results right from my smart phone. I so hope I am fortunate to receive one as a gift! I hope ya'll are having a ton of fun getting ready for Christmas. Only 17 days left! 

Have a wonderful rest of you Monday!

~ Miss Nikki

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