Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bust Busy Busy! {and cookies}

Well I had hoped on finishing out my thankful things but since it is already December I think i'm done. This thanksgiving was hectic to say the least.  we went to Charlie's grandparents and then to my grandparents then the next day all the way back home to Manteo to do some Christmas shopping and spend some quality time with my Granny. I'm so glad to have her. Sunday before church Caroline, my sister, and I made some wonderful sugar cookies. I fixed the dough and chilled it over night Saturday. I picked up some precious cookie cutters from a local kitchen supply store and we just had a blast.

 We had the best time decorating the cute little cookies. We decorated with all the things we had at my Granny's house.Painting them with BBQ brushes and making polka dots with shrimp de-veiners. Don't worry they were clean. 
 Caroline wanted a monogrammed deer, which turned out very cute. She said hers didn't turn out good at all so I has to do it for her. 
 Our preppy Christmas cookies (:
Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of December as much as myself. I intend on showing you much more festive things going on in my life.

~ Miss Nikki

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