Saturday, October 10, 2015

Our engagement

So, as I mentioned yesterday Charlie and I became engaged this July. After being together five and a half years it was about time. Charlie isn't much of a romantic and so his proposal was great to me.  He put a charlie twist on things. Charlie's got a boat my grandpork built and those Arvin skiffs are very dear and special to me, having been around them my whole life. We took a late afternoon boat ride on the river on Charlie's birthday before we had planned on going out for supper to celebrate anyways. All of a sudden the boat just cut off. He told me the boat must've run out of gas and he thought he had enough to get back in. This may've been a bad idea for some other girl but for me it was fine since i've run out of gas for real more than a few times and all I needed to do was call and a family member would come to the rescue. So I asked if I needed to call my Daddy to come tow us back in or bring gas. He said no, not yet. We floated a few minutes, drifting around, when charlie pulls out a little black box from behind the seat. He looked at me inquisitively and asked if I knew what it was. I said no, I really had no idea. He popped it open and inside was a pretty square cut engagement ring. I hopped up from my seat and slid up next to him. I said are you trying to ask me something? He said yeah, do you wanna marry me? I said yes, completely blown away and surprised. I asked him why he proposed to me on his birthday and he said because he wanted to share his day and every other day with me. It may not be the dream proposal some woman dream about, but it's just perfect for me. My whole family had known for a while and i'm very shocked nobody told me, because my younger sisters can talk. 

We haven't taken our engagement pictures yet but as soon as we do i'll be sure to post them.

Miss Nikki

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