Friday, October 30, 2015

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday ya'll! I'm linking up today for Five on Friday with DARCICHRISTINALIZ, and NATASHA. I've been trying to get back on track and get my fitness in check, hopefully losing a few pounds along the way. I want to make this five on Friday a fitness edition. I broke out the FitBit and everything.

Back on track with my FitBit. Any of ya'll who have one should add me and give me some support. Lord knows i'll need it. My email is I'm looking to have some fitbit friends. 

I've really got to start eating cleaner and with Halloween tomorrow it may be kinda hard to not sneak the milk duds out of my siblings trick or treat baskets. I have a problem eating whole foods so i'm trying to base my meals on the chart below I found on pinterest.

I have the 21 day fix app on my phone and i've heard nothing but good things about the program but I just can't get my sugar loving tail in gear to start it. It's only 21 days I mean what in the world is wrong with me. There are so many success stories i've read, they are so inspiring and I would love to have my own success story soon.

 As of today I weigh 177 pounds, i'm not happy about it and I want/need to do something about as especially because in a little less than a year I will be getting married. My goal for now is 150 pounds. Which is pretty high still for some people but 
I feel it is reasonable for me and I know I can succeed. 27 Pounds to go!

This girl is really inspiring and it's great to read, the have some really good tips, some i hope to put into action. Read all about the helpful tips here.


This last one isn't exactly fitness related but more of wellness related. I love love love the lovely little style blog! She is so beautiful and inspirational and I would like to pin point one of her posts that have really touched me. Ever since I became engaged i've been thinking about the life I want us to have together and one thing i'm for sure of, I want God to  be right in the middle of it. We hve been to church together and to bible studies but is He really the center of our relationship? To be honest probably not, I want to try and live by Olivias words in this post. 

Thanks to everyone for stopping by on this lovely Friday. Boo from me and mine and Happy Halloween!

Miss Nikki

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