Tuesday, February 24, 2015

{Snow day}

Today everyone on the Outer Banks is seeing a rare sight. SNOW! I for one am very excited. I also know a dog who is loving it. Charlie is working and can't enjoy to snow as much as I can.

My nutty pooch loves to chew on sheds. We have a whole crab basket of them and she moseys on over to the basket and picks the one she wants for that day. It made for a pretty neat picture though. 

The basket of sheds. All full of pine straw and snow. Such fun.

I was so excited to finally get a little snow on my Bean Boots! 

My trusty Jeep has been sitting in the yard all day. Not moved an inch. She may help me to make some snow cream later on this afternoon.

I know I went a little over board on pictures but I don't get to see something so pretty very often.

Hope everyone is staying warm today! 

Miss Nikki


  1. It's not looking like we will get any snow- just freezing rain. I've still got my fingers crossed we do though! Charlie is adorable!

  2. I hope you end up getting some as well! And Charlie is my boyfriend. Maggie is her name (: that just made my night.