Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy (Late) Halloween!

Happy Late Halloween everyone! This week has been terribly hectic for me. With school work, a Halloween party with my family, taking the younger kids trick or treating and all the car problems I have been having. I have been having a time! Last night Charlie and I took my step sister to Golden Corral because she wanted to have an "Charlie, Nikki, and Sophie day" which is absolutely fine with me. She went and filled up on plenty of food and then came home and ate chili with my dad and her mom. That child can eat!

Here is her ice cram she decorated herself. The bear climbed to the top of the mountain and the candy corn are trees. Sweet Sophia. After supper we went to Tractor Supply to find Charlie some Carhartt pants and Sophie picked out a toy set she wanted for Christmas. It was little hunter figurines and tree stands, bows, ground stands, tripods, deer, bears. elk, a bot, a fisherman, some fish and she was so excited about it. She likes to talk in a little country accent to sound like Charlie. She is so silly. We love her so good.

This is my LL Bean sweater I purchased from Goodwill. I love it so much. Please excuse my old yucky Uggs. They look pitiful. Miss Maggie laying down has her eye on the ducks over at the pond. She wants so badly to go get them.
Here's another picture of me sipping my hot tea. This chilly weather starting to appear in North Carolina is making me want it every morning. I'm not much on coffee and I love hot chocolate but too much of it isn't too good for my waste band.
"He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless" Isaiah 40:29
~Miss Nikki



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